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Kickstarter Funded!

Hey Everyone!

What's going on?   











....Saturday Morning Games has hit GOAL!!!

THANK YOU ALL so much for you support! This really means a lot! I could not have done this without the support of the those who contributed to the kickstarter campaign:


bpm apps

Michael Bartnett

Dakota Hernandez

Joe DeLorenzo


Karl Catigbe

Brian Wisnowski



Seung Won Park

Jess Haskins

Mike Pietrafesa

William Easton

Athena Anderson

Edwinning Jeudy

Keith Stevens

Gina Zdanowicz

Anthony S. Torres

Borris Bazelais

Jeff Moody

Jake D. Skinner


David Sanborn

Matt McEnerney

Javier Alvarez

Mattia Sicuro

Eric Corbin

Kelvin Moreaux

Alex H. Bielen

Kathleen Kline

Angie Barnett

Jon Lawson


John Evans

Maurice Philips

Doug Mirro

Michael Harris

Havilah McGinnis

Heather Arbiter

Ryan Cahill

V. Orion Delwaterman

Anya Combs

Tieg Zaharia

James Bonti


Arthur Danskin

Kimberly Scofield

Guest 951624275

Christina Petersen

John Reyes

Melissa Goalielocks Fassetta

Stella Lee

Mike Thal

Jingyu Sui

Nolan Filter

scott jenkins

Hessvacio Hassan

Craig B


Ross A. Hersemann


Ricardo Concepcion

Sarah Greis


Arthur Ward Jr

Andrew Banks

Ashley Alicea

Adam Davidson

katie stoltze

Kristian Telschow

Mary Georgescu

Maria Giatrakis

Pete Howard

Naomi Clark

Matthew Yashian

Pablo Quarta

Jarryd Huntley

John Fiorilla

Gary Yashian

John Richard Dayao

John Culkin

SWDTech Games


Thomas E Wynn


Michael R.

Justine Raymond

Sean Sharp


Guest 418944710

Katie Better

Jason Min

Paolo Salcedo

Olga Andreyeva

Guest 1346177837

Charles Hans Huang

Dean Razavi

Mark Benis

Guest 1553802512

Josh Brechner

Daniel Nagler

Patrick Tsao

Mo Qian

Luminosity Mobile

Francisco Gonzalez

Roman Sharf

Nolan James

Nicoletta Skoufalos-Sazaklis

Guest 628898945

Micheline Hess

Guest 782614184

Stephen Mei

Brianna Livesay

I'd like to also thank the following groups that have helped support and provide the opportunities for this game to be playtested and showcased:

Game Devs of Color Expo

PlaycraftingPlay NYC, and Dan Butchko 


NYU Game Center

Also big thank you to my sister Joyce for letting start the design of the game on her kitchen table and to my Partner Jenae for being my #1 playtester! 

HUGE Thank you to Anya Combs at Kickstarter for helping guide me through the process and steering me away from pitfalls :D

This game has been a labor of love for more than a year, and I can't wait to share it with everyone! Also thank you to the press folks that have covered the game:

Jason Palazini and the team at Way Too Many Games

Robert Adams at TechRaptor

Nerdier Tides

And of course Brian and Kimberly at Behind the Indies

And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of my friends in the NYC Game Dev community that have supported me these past few weeks! And also thank you to my dev friends around the global who also supported this and spread the word. 

I love you all and could not have done this without you!!!!