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James (they/them) has worked in the video game industry since the late 90's. A majority of their career has been spent on countless projects for multiple companies and working on everything from 1st & 3rd party commercial games, government contracted serious games, educational software, and licensed properties for Spike TV, Nickelodeon, The History Channel, AMC Network, Star Wars, and The Elder Scrolls.

As a strong advocate for game developers, James has also served as Co-Chair for the International Game Developers Association's (IGDA) New York City chapter. During their tenure, they hosted social events open to members and non-members to help and foster the NYC game dev community, organized the NYC Games & Digital Media Career Fair; And partnered, hosted, and moderated multiple industry panels and Roundtable discussions to provide insight into game development professions.

James now serves on the IGDA's Anti-Censorship and Social Issues Steering Committee and volunteers their time to different causes and initiatives that aids developers and uses games to better the world.  

James is also the founder and creator of Plausible Studio, an indie game studio that develops both tabletop and digital games. Their recent tabletop game, Saturday Morning Games, was nominated for "Tabletop Game of the Year" at the 2019 Bit Awards.


Upcoming Schedule

Virtual  Speaking & Workshops

August 13th 7pm-8pm EST

Play NYC 2020 (Virtual Panel)
Intersectionality in Gaming

The gaming industry is not immune to criticism of lack of diversity and ignorance towards marginalized groups of people. Join this panel of experienced professionals as they discuss how race, gender, class, and more create disadvantages and discriminations within the industry, and how we individually and collectively can change these practices.


 August 15th, 7pm EST

Flame Con (Virtual Panel)
Comics & Advocacy:
Using Your Passion to Empower Your Community

As both a comic book fan and professional, before establishing WinC, I didn't realize how important it was to be a part of a community. It was probably because I was always somehow a part of one and didn't realize it. Once creating WinC, I think all the members realized it was special. We really were just trying to make it through this crazy industry without feeling alone. But it became more than that. Through our work to empower ourselves, we empowered the greater community throughout the years, by teaching others how to use the medium of comics as both literacy and advocacy tools. The members are examples of people who were very passionate about their work and equally as passionate about using this medium to help empower their community through educational and career accessibility. This panel will not only discuss how comics can be used as advocacy tools, but how any career can be used as a basis for community organization and galvanization.


September 6th,  6pm - 10pm EST

Friendship Garden Healing Summit Workshop: Turning Despair into Hope through Tabletop Design

In this workshop folx will be given a brief introduction to tabletop games and their many genres. I will also give a run through of my tabletop game, Saturday Morning Games, and explain how I used both play and ritual as content for the game and choose specific mechanics to work through mental health healing during a difficult time in my life. The group will then split up into teams and be assigned three randomized game mechanics that they will have to use to create a rough prototype game that they will present at the end. Team are encouraged to continue working on the game post workshop in an effort to continue using ritual and play as a means to improve mental health.



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Thank you for your interest in Plausible Studio! For any consultant inquiries or commission requests, please contact me today. I’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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